Elevated career awareness, sense of self, skills

& knowledge.

STEM learning skills, conceptual knowledge, and understanding combine to create resources career awareness for students. 


CoRE projects enable individuals to work at their best; to identify their true passion, capabilities, and talents. 


In CoRE, they become mini-managers, coding specialists, young scientists, media presenters and fit-break organisers. 


Students confidently graduate from secondary school with transdisciplinary attributes, flexible and adaptable; attesting their personal success to the depth and equity they experienced through CoRE learning.


Students are the blue-chip share in our programs and they are provided with inclusive, supporting environments where they delve into opportunities to test, identify and experience learning in both the traditional classroom and the field. 

Consistently developing their curiosity and tenacity to sustain scientific, engineering and digital technologies skills - as young problem-solvers, they become blossoming scientists and engineers, through designing, investigating and exploring.  Such magic moments enable students to comb through challenges, seeing different opportunities open up and building on their own resilience.