The CoRE Learning model is grounded in the provision of relevant, purposeful education pathways to serve in meaningful careers for our burgeoning resources industry. 

A unique integrated education approach, industry-backed and content relevant - CoRE bridges the gaps between education, government, community, and industry.   


Collaborations with CoRE between these groups see business practices and operations embedded into learning processes, in and out of the classroom.

Integrated STEAM Learning unleashes lifelong learning.


Industry Leadership evolving student mindsets and actions for 21st-century talent

Critical enablers of contemporary evolutionary development


CoRE starts at the grassroots level, with a proven, practical Learning model that extols CARMA Learning experiences to students - Contextual, Authentic, Relevant, Meaningful and Authentic.  


CoRE Learning Model stays abreast of industry developments and has highly-customized, collaborative learning formats incorporate student feedback, facilitator mentoring and reverse mentoring.   


CoRE Programs encourage diversification of thinking and inject the strength to engage early.

Encompassing transdisciplinary aspects and delivering through a contextually-set STEAM project-based learning framework, in student-centered learning environments where diverse groups of students team up to communicate/collaborate closely to spearhead problem-solving and solution development. 


Distinctive STEAM framework

The STEAM acronym, inclusive of STEM, only with the addition of the Arts; because it is this mechanism which better enables students to visualise, interpret and communicate their scientific literacy to engineer solutions for their projects.  


​It also provides them with the power to understand how to choose meaningful future STEAM career pathways that align with their passions, talents, and purpose.

Contextually-set, Project-based
Student-Centred Learning Environments

Working collaboratively in business units, students focus on delivering project components in a real-world context using project-based learning.   


They are taken out into the field to communicate and learn from scientists, engineers, and technicians working at the ‘GOLD-face.’

Sciencing their way through a challenging, higher spectrum of skills and knowledge development.  Their Ideas in real-time and project-specific.


Centred on collaboration and pursuit, The CoRE Learning model is hands-on;  where students are encouraged to ask questions, make mistakes and welcome failure and fear. 


Learning by doing - students get to identify where their own inherent talents intersect with their passion.  Empowered to choose just how they conduct projects, to build on their collective strengths, which in turn, proffers a deeper understanding of their own innate capabilities, along with the many meaningful career options ahead of them.

CoRE Learning Model

CoRE Learning is about #therealclassroom to evolve #futureleaders   

CoRE STEAM Framework is entrenched and enhanced by Information Communication Technology, digital transformation and complimented by science understanding, engineering prowess and social/enterprising skill development, delivered on a daily basis.  

Clear focus on the positives, CoRE showcases prosperity and diversity of future opportunities for students.  How their learning applies to (is relevant to) that individual's passions, capabilities, and ultimately, to a career pathway that is both progressive and enjoyable.

In 2020, students from as young as Year 5 through to Year 10, CoRE will be actively integrated into their daily learnings - either as part of the school's timetabled daily curriculum or as a Science-elective program.