Industry Contributors, Sponsors & Partners

Powering Resource Industry Innovation

With CoRE's focus on showcasing the prosperity and diversity of opportunities available for students (and future workforces) - positive relationships form to ensure they themselves see and experience the benefits of a career in the resource industry. 


With passion, work ethic and vision, CoRE students soon realise how their own capabilities and attributes complement the pursuit of a resource career.    


Still, this takes time. 

CoRE is a 4-6 year process making it a mid-to-long-term investment.  


Our work is underpinned by the valuable contributions of our sponsors along with the deep collaboration and exchanges between education, industry, communities, and government. 

CoRE's fundamental operating costs average at $225k per annum, in addition $40,000 per school to ensure CoRE Learning experiences like field trips, hosted events ("Resouces Challenge"), for professional development of CoRE Educators, Foundation's showcases. and important collaborative industry-government events. 

Which is why CoRE relies on the generosity, strength and support of some of WA’s finest companies to help us at the Foundation achieve such positive impacts on students, evidenced CoRE learning outcomes, and more broadly, readying young talent for the resource sector.  

Defending the Future of Industry

We encourage companies to articulate the commitment to youth, STEM learning and Diversity by joining our expansive CoRE Community.   Inspire, influence and share deep commitment and action for the young leaders of tomorrow. 

In addition to reasons outlined above, this critical financial support/ sponsorship from philanthropic sponsors, resource and infrastructure companies, state governments and/or professional industry associations provides CoRE with foundational funding to expand key Learning programs, and continue to scale; adding more schools across the state. 

Pipeline Skills for Resource Industry Innovation

Put your enterprise at the forefront of positive change in Western Australia by joining us. 


By sponsoring the CoRE Learning Foundation, companies or Associations can directly support pathways for improved 21st-century enterprise, technical skill development and build on the stable of young, dedicated talent, coming through who will bolster WA's economic performance. 


Excellent corporate social responsibility in action;  demonstrating how our sponsors and partners making a direct contribution into CoRE's important measures, priorities, and operations early on to extend future flow of resource industry talent.   


Please contact us for more information on how your company, or Association can become an invaluable supporter of the CoRE Foundation's vision and operations.  


CoRE Foundation relies on the valuable, kind contributions (time, resources and/or sponsorship) from our strategic partners below:

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