Kent Street CoRE

Kent Street Senior High is the Lighthouse CoRE School of the CoRE Learning Foundation’s, CoRE Expansion Program. At this Lighthouse School, a committed and dedicated team led by its new CoRE Coordinator, ensures that the CoRE program continues to flourish and evolve. Both, CoRE educators and their students are encouraged to diversify and adapt to the delivery of a unique STEM skill based curriculum; skills which are both enterprising and technical. They are given ownership of their contemporary courses whilst receiving meaningful and applicable mentoring to be the best educators and young scientists and engineers in their learning environment.


CoRE, the (Centre of Resources Excellence) journey at Kent Street Senior High School began in a year 10 science classroom in 2004. Its unique philosophy focused on an understanding that its students were the young scientists and engineers of the future; the homegrown talent needed to service the burgeoning Western Australian Resources Industry, beyond 2025. Although not formally recognised as CoRE in its early days, its vision was firmly embedded in learning through ‘doing’, working collaboratively in business units, to problem solve real world situations. Through their ‘hands-on’ learning, and the integration of real world science, the students are provided with the appropriate platforms to self-identify their talents and capabilities and relate them to potential career pathways; pathways which potentially best serve their attributes and passions.


Investigations, field trips and additional unique STEM events are all integrated into the CoRE Curriculum. CoRE curriculum is not Extracurricular, it is timetabled and reported as a STEM LEARNING program. It is student centered learning, it is project based learning; learning where its students are taken on a journey which is meaningful and relevant for their future 4th Industrial Revolution career pathways Integrated into the CoRE curriculum is the Design and Digital Technologies Curriculum. This interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinarian approach to STEM Learning further reinforces, CoRE’s contemporary relevance and application to its student’s futures.


At Kent Street CoRE, the dynamic team of educators and students collaborate through the learning strategy of - ‘for the students, by the students.’ It is for this reason that CoRE is recognised as #therealclassroom.


#therealclassroom is the motto for the CoRE Learning Model, it is evolutionary and transformational and its alumni attest to its benefits, ‘twelve years after being in the inaugural CoRE 2007 class, I am in the San Jaun Province, Argentina. The benefit of #therealclassroom is life changing. It has shaped my entire career and in turn my life, as a Geologist’.