Management Committee


Suzy Urbaniak

Founder and CoRE Lead

BSc (Hons) Geology Dip.Ed Secondary MAIG

Sharing with our students the love of the Earth, the importance of it and of resources which sustain our lives – by reading rocks, we understand how our Earth evolved and use the evidence to protect us into the future.  
In #therealclassroom students tune into the Earth, their curiosity is ignited and lifelong learning begins.  Awaken the scientist in kids, move them onto deeper thinking and learning in contextually-set, authentic, relevant and meaningful environments and they will apply this knowledge and skills turning situations into solutions:  Hands-on Science, Hands-on Engineering – this is real STEM Learning. 


Jett Coletti

ICT Lead and Gamification Officer

Product Management, Dip Business/CoRE Alumni

As a student of the CoRE program I know the massive benefits it has given me to get ahead in life. 

I want to see as many students as possible to receive the same opportunities as I had in school.


Aditi Subramanya

Marketing and Media Lead

Aditi is a communicator in the digital world, loves tech and is passionate about creating diverse, inclusive mindsets and cultures. This starts in education, for all ages. Aditi comes to the CoRE Learning Foundation as the Board Member for Communications & Stakeholder Engagement and Marketing Lead on its Management Committee. 
Aditi sees the CoRE Learning Foundation as the catalyst for change in Australia's workforce, creating opportunities and education for the next generation. Aditi is passionate about opening doors for girls and diverse groups into STEM and believes CoRE is vital in achieving this.


Courtney Junk

Media and Marketing

BSc Conservation Biology and Science Communication. M.E.d Science, Humanities and Social Sciences

As an educator with previous experience in the mining sector, I am passionate about providing students with an opportunity to develop their STEAM capabilities. The world is changing around us and STEM skills are becoming a core part of our everyday lives.  

Careers in Australia are becoming defined by automation and globalisation, and students need to be equipped with the skills to match. CoRE is playing an integral role in closing the gap between the knowledge obtained through education and the skills required in STEM workplaces. CoRE is preparing Australian students for the jobs of the future! 


Kathleen Booth

Education Lead

MSc Mineral Economics, BSc Mineral Exploration and Mine Geology

DipEd Science Major/Math Minor 

Unconventional educator and overtly proud mother... 10 years kicking rocks, collecting geological data sets and defining metalliferous ore bodies. 6 years sparking curiosity and immersing student awareness of the resources sector through real world learning.


Lucy Spackman

Gamification Marketing Officer

B. Arts/B. Business

As a student, STEM education - particularly Science was something that I struggled with. I wish CoRE's philosophy could have been around during my schooling. I truly believe there is a gap in the way in which we teach the next generation. 


As a marketer, the opportunity to be a part of an initiative like this is a dream! 


Dianne Rogers

Educational Engagement

Dip Teach Physical, Health and Business education 

As an educator my involvement in CoRE is to promote education with the aim to build careers, create opportunity and provide support for the future workplace.


Sara Sulway

Grants Officer

As a professional in the mining industry, I see a need to provide the next generation with an integrated education approach, in both primary and secondary school, that partners students with educators, government, community and industry to develop skills applicable to real world STEAM applications.


The CoRE Learning foundation provides opportunities for students to develop skills such as scientific investigation, engineering process, confident use of ITC and digital technologies whilst participating in project based learning opportunities improving productivity and igniting future career focus and opening industry pathways.


Emily Farr

CoRE alumni/Geology Student

As a former CoRE student, I understand the impact that the CoRE program has. 


The CoRE program provides a diversity of students with equal opportunities, in an environment where everyone can express who they truly are, feel valued and build on their confidence as an individual. This influence shapes the students personality and results in students flourishing. 


As students are the upstream of STEM, it’s important to have a lasting impact on as many students to path a prosperous future for the industry and I believe CoRE is leading the way in achieving this.