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Management Committee


Sharing with our students the love of the Earth, the importance of it and of resources which sustain our lives – by reading rocks, we understand how our Earth evolved and use the evidence to protect us into the future.  


In #therealclassroom students tune into the Earth, their curiosity is ignited and lifelong learning begins.  Awaken the scientist in kids, move them onto deeper thinking and learning in contextually-set, authentic, relevant and meaningful environments and they will apply this knowledge and skills turning situations into solutions:  Hands-on Science, Hands-on Engineering – this is real STEM Learning. 


Suzy Urbaniak

As a geologist, and mum of two, I recognise the amazing value CoRE offers, equipping our kids with skills and knowledge that no other school-based program does, and providing the mining industry with a valuable pipeline for the workforce of the future.   

Specialist Advisory

Sara Sulway


From the first moment I met Suzy Urbaniak I felt confident her different and daring teaching methods would change my children’s education - being a student of CoRE has taught them to collaborate, take opportunities and risks and work hard towards a bright future.

Marketing and Grants

Linda Wareing


CoRE is embracing the future, breaking down educational inequality and harnessing individual potential and I am so excited to be a part of this journey…

Grants/Documents Manager

Storm Taylor 


"I believe that education should go beyond the classroom, and focus on students' engagement and the change they can make in the real world for a better future."

Events & Alumni Manager

Ewelina Marek


"We are living in a time where technology is the fastest changing it has ever been, but it is also the slowest it will ever change again."

Technical Support Officer

Shaun Barnett

With experience that extends from exploration to production, Owen is a passionate advocate for STEM education, Owen believes that CoRE is tailored to developing leaders for the current and future challenges of the resources sector. Owen views CoRE as an integral medium for the promotion of STEM skills, ensuring that a greater range of students are exposed to critical thinking and technical problem solving.

Financial and Grants 

Owen Burchell


Education is the Future and I strongly believe CoRE will lead the way.

Marketing and Promotion

Merinda Brammall


"With technology being the foundation of our future, it is necessary for students to learn and lead with it."

IT Manager

Jett Colletti


"First conversations, at an early age on STEAM careers other than ‘the norm’ is critical in keeping our future workforce at forefront of changing times and adaptability. 

Kids exposed to CoRE have positive experiences and memories to cherish, and expand upon when they ultimately choose a career in STEAM.'

Marketing and Media Manager

Dani Tamati

student ID photo.jpg

'Graduating from the Lighthouse School – Kent Street Senior High School in 2017, CoRE has sky-rocketed my interpersonal skills and knowledge of the industry - an experience I highly endorse to other W.A students'.

Marketing and Media

Lee-an Lu