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The Minerals Council of Australia supports The CoRE Learning Foundation and Gamification

MCA | June 2021

There’s no better time than right now to consider a technology-driven mining career! The modern Australian minerals sector needs more highly skilled and motivated people for its future growth and success.


Mining is already one of Australia’s biggest employers, and now there are many different pathways into a mining career. You can build or fix machinery, help keep sites and communities safe as a trained emergency response operator, manage a team, rehabilitate mine sites, safeguard native plants and animals or tackle climate change.


Advances in technology – artificial intelligence, automation, and big data – are core business for Australian mining. Technology makes mining workplaces safer and healthier while providing different opportunities for employees. It also enables the industry to employ more people in a wider range of roles. Australia’s mining companies are already reducing emissions and increasing sustainability on sites.


Mining sites are on the cutting edge of using technology to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and minimise water use. Modern mining careers are dynamic. The industry invests in the best education and training to help move people into new, exciting roles, particularly as automation continues to revolutionise many mining jobs and make them safer. The MCA is proud to support and promote the development of Resource, Respond, Rescue! and Old as Dirt! to provide innovative avenues to increase awareness about Australia’s world-leading resources sector and career opportunities in the industry amongst Australia’s primary and secondary students.


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