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Tom Price CoRE

What is Tom Price CoRE?
Tom Price CoRE takes the CoRE learning model and delivers it through the context of the Pilbara. With
its thriving mining industry, world-class geology and unique ecosystems, it provides the topics for rich
and stimulating projects; these multi-component projects comprise the students’ work in CoRE.
Students complete their projects in Business Units, which are small groups comprising several
individuals. The idea behind the Business Unit is that it mimics the workplace: it requires students to
coordinate their efforts to achieve a common goal, whilst at the same time emphasising the importance
of individual responsibility. Tom Price CoRE keeps students up to date with the digital revolution. They
implement a range of the latest technologies in collecting, recording, processing and presenting data
collected during class and in the field.

Field trips are run which take advantage of Tom Price’s location among the unique geology of the
Pilbara. They constitute an important component of the CoRE learning experience, allowing students to
consolidate their classroom learning in the real world. The field work trains students to take reliable
observations and analyse and interpret them to draw realistic conclusions. It involves a substantial
technological component. Students visit places which would be inaccessible to other schools. As one
example, the Year 8 CoRE class travels the country around Marble Bar, where they see some of the
world’s oldest preserved evidence of life and investigate the world’s oldest submarine fan sequence.

The course recognizes the Pilbara’s rich Aboriginal heritage, which stretches back tens of thousands of
years and comprises diverse language groups. Aboriginal perspectives are included in the projects and
field work, and local elders and community representatives are involved in incursions and field trips.

Tom Price CoRE launched in 2019 at Tom Price Senior High School. It is currently offered to Year 7 and 8,
but this will expand to include Year 9 and 10 in 2020. Continuing with the expansion, CoRE will also run
for Year 5 and 6 at Tom Price Primary School and North Tom Price Primary School in 2020.