CoRE Educator Interview - Questions with Brigitta

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

We talk with one of CoRE's Educators, Brigitta from Tom Price Primary School, about her experience being a CoRE educator and how she feels it has benefitted her class.

What is your role at Tom Price Primary School?

Year 5/6 Teacher


How do you facilitate students through their CoRE journey?

My role is to guide students and their Business Unit’s through each PBL, providing direction

or knowledge where needed.


What do you find are the benefits of the CoRE Learning Model?

I have found the CoRE Learning Model to be flexible and adaptable, which has allowed us to

customise each PBL to ensure it is accessible for our students. This has then increased

student involvement, curiosity and the thirstiness to delve deeper, expand thinking and ask

more complex questions.

Another benefit of the CoRE Learning Model is how hands-on and collaborative it is. Our

students are getting actively involved and learning life skills which will assist them in

secondary school and future careers.


What results and changes have you seen in your students’ learning?

Students have become more inventive and curious to find out more. They aren’t just relying

on a teacher for answers, which is a more traditional way of seeking information, they are

becoming more proactive, by using their initiative and inquiry skills, to expand their

knowledge and thinking.


How have you transformed the CoRE Learning Model and PBL’s to suit your students’ needs?

Through time and experience with the CoRE Learning Model, we have adapted and adjusted

PBL’s to meet the needs of our students and increase student involvement. For example,

some PBL’s have started out as being more teacher-led. This is so we can introduce new

topics, teach background knowledge and steer students in a clearer direction.


How do you feel when your students improve their STEM skills?

It makes me immensely proud seeing students grow, become more confident and improve

their STEM skills. It is the students’ hard work and resilience that leads to these moments.


What is a fond memory you share with your CoRE students?

I treasure the aha moments students have. I love being a part of their learning journey and

seeing students connect the dots, understand our world more and become more

appreciative of our local context.

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