CoRE Educator Interview - Questions with Charles

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

We talk with one of CoRE's Educators, Charles from Hedland Senior High School, about his experience being a CoRE educator and how he feels it has benefitted his class.

What is your role at your school?

Stem Coordinator.

How do you facilitate students through their CoRE journey?

My role includes planning and organizing projects, and liaising with other CoRE educators.

What do you find are the benefits of the CoRE Learning Model?

The CoRE learning model allows our students to implement the skills they learn in classes across a broad range of practical contexts. This ensures that students develop applicable skills rather than abstract knowledge.

What results and changes have you seen in your students’ learning?

One of the major changes I have witnessed recently while marking and giving feedback for a year 7 PBL project is the pride that students take in their work. The finished product makes them feel as if they have achieved something significant, rather than just doing another ‘throw-away’ test.

How have you transformed the CoRE Learning Model and PBL’s to suit your students’ needs?

Our CoRE learning model extends across all MESH subjects, which allows students a broad range of experiences and guidance to fully embrace their projects.

Have you had to learn new skill sets as a CoRE educator?

CoRE educators have to develop a number of new skills and pedagogical styles for leading projects. This includes stepping back from delivering specific content, and instead guiding students in the best way to manage their own time and research.

Has the CoRE Learning Model helped you realise some of your goals as an educator?

The CoRE learning model has helped us realise that there are effective ways forward to continue to develop better educational opportunities for students, and we don’t need to remain ‘stuck in a rut’ teaching the same way that we always have.

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