CoRE Team Interview - Questions with Jett

We talk with CoRE's ICT Manager, Jett, about how the CoRE learning model has helped him develop skills to quickly progress through his career.

What is your role in the CoRE Learning Foundation team?

I am the manager for Internet and Communications Technology at CoRE - I make sure we are using the right digital tools to achieve our mission.

Outside of volunteering for CoRE what are you doing currently?

I am Product Development Officer for Pacvac, Australia's leading manufacturer of commercial backpack vacuums. At Pacvac I contribute to the overall product strategy, market research for upcoming development projects and coordination for new and emerging products. With a special focus I also drive the overall strategy of implementing new IoT and battery technology into up and coming product development projects.

Why did you feel inspired to join?

The CoRE program contributed so much to my high school education that one day I felt I wanted to return this commitment to Suzy, the CoRE Lead and help her grow the foundation. Knowing how much CoRE benefited me, I work to help make that benefit reach as many other students as possible.

How has being apart of the CoRE Learning program benefited your career progress?

Interestingly, I feel that as a I continue to grow my knowledge and experience in the real working world, the more I realise how much value going through the CoRE program was. CoRE gave me my first experience collaborating in teams to produce a deliverable. Sure, other classes involved group work but it was never autonomous, all the steps are planned for you and the group simply has to action. CoRE differed by letting us be autonomous, no one told us what to do or how to do it, we had to figure out our end-goal and steps to achieve it as a team. When you have autonomous and self driving teams you develop collaboration, interpersonal and enterprising skills much quicker. As a team you are selecting your own goal and path, and by that nature the team is ultimately engaged and focused as you want to see your own solution validated and succeed.

What is your vision for your future and what are you taking with you from CoRE?

My future will be invested in the development of technology and collaboration/communication tools to help teams across the globe work better together. CoRE helped teach me to be dynamic with my colleagues; not everyone responds to the same leadership and as someone who needs to work with all types of teams and people it is important to understand this.

What #therealclassroom means to you:

"Learn by trying, by succeeding, by failing, by experiencing, by doing."

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