Old as Dirt 1.5.3

Updated: May 25

Today we are very pleased to be releasing version 1.5.3 of Old as Dirt!

Listening to your feedback (which we sincerely thank you for) we focused this update on polishing and making the eight mini games smoother to play in class. This means a lot of bug fixes and quality of life improvements (minor tweaks that improve your life playing the game) check out the full list of changes below!

Download the latest version of Old as Dirt for the best experience - and don't forget to delete you're old version first!


Archaean Adventure

Archaean Adventure has had a lot of work done to it to improve the gameplay. 🎮

We have made gameplay changes to the rocks, firstly we have reduced the number of rocks making it easier to navigate the map, and secondly, ROVs no longer collide with the rocks. Finding the criteria for a black smoker is now much easier.

Labels for all the submarine functions have been added, the ROVs are now colour coded and their sensor labels have been moved so its easier to see what's going on.

Each of the eight team roles on the submarine are now labelled with instructions on the student view - no need to read the teacher guide anymore! The eight submarine teams (e.g. Helm, ops, ROV 1) also now swap from round to round. Each round the students will have a different role on the ship.

If the class is having difficulty finding smokers, the distance and direction to the nearest smokers now shown on the teacher view. We have also made the submarine spawn near a black smoker for the start of the game, making it easier for the teams to get started.

Anoxic Shock

To help with playing Anoxic shock we have added a ten second delay for students from when the round starts and the cyanobacteria start coming. This gives students some time to get accustom to where they are and how the controls work.

Outback trail, Modern Mine and Uncover:

Playing the conversation games we felt was a little bit difficult as you didn't know which option was being voted for, and thus how the conversation continued. We have added a tally to the Teacher view to show which teams have voted for which options, and which teams are still to vote. We have more planned for putting this tally on the classroom view.


Download the latest version of Old as Dirt for the best experience - and don't forget to delete you're old version first!

Other tweaks in this build

  • Classroom View: Now has instructions for entering a new code.

  • Classroom View: If not enough players are in the lobby to play a more helpful message will now tell you how many more players you need to play the game.

  • Coring and Exploring: Emoji's have been added to the buttons for easier identification.

  • Containing Chaos: round scores are no no longer summed together, they now show the results for each round.

  • Keep it Moving: The student view now shows the student's train location so its easier to see where you are.

Bug fixes in this build

Bugs we know about and are still trying to hunt down

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