The CoRE Learning Foundation

Established in 2017, not-for-profit CoRE Learning Foundation Inc, is responsible for overseeing CoRE Learning model, as part of the CoRE Expansion Project, firstly throughout Western Australia, with intent and the planning to go national in coming years. 


The CoRE Learning Model was initiated in 2005, developed over a fourteen-year period at our Lighthouse School Kent Street Senior High School, in Western Australia.

CoRE Foundation's mandate is to improve/increase levels of STEAM Engagement, Motivation & Enrolment for students (primary to secondary.)    

CoRE Community gives students skills, hope, and confidence and supports them through acts of kindness, excitement, and compassion.  


Our ultimate goal being to embed the CoRE Learning Model into more schools.  Initially, throughout WA, expanding across Australia our mid-term vision, as the model is adapted to local, regional, national and global environments.   


CoRE Foundation is developing student collective strengths - orchestrating a system based on upstream (primary and secondary education), midstream (Tertiary, Training, Universities, VET) to downstream (effectively contributing and working across Industry.)   


Foundation continues to develop upper school CoRE programs to support VET, General and ATAR pathways in collaboration with Curtin University.

Priding Ourselves on the Empowerment of Others.