CoRE Learning Foundation
We are the CoRE Learning Foundation

The newly established, not for profit CoRE (Centre of Resources Excellence) Learning Foundation Inc is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the CoRE Expansion Project, firstly throughout Western Australia, with the intent to go national in coming years. The CoRE Expansion Project is founded on the CoRE Learning Model, was initiated and developed over a thirteen-year period at Kent Street Senior High School.

CoRE is no ordinary STEM education program – it encourages students to explore possibilities and combine the sciences, technology, engineering, arts and maths to develop novel solutions to real-world problems. During a CoRE class, students employ multiple skills and competencies. They:

  • Identify real-world problems

  • Use technology to research and manipulate data

  • Engineer an array of potential solutions

  • Apply mathematics to understand trends and processes

  • Use their arts skills to communicate their findings


The development of CoRE has been a 13 year journey which is based on a simple idea; that education, industry, community and government need to connect and work collaboratively to provide relevant and meaningful education pathways to students.  CoRE is about developing, nurturing, and promoting home-grown talent to facilitate the employment needs of our resources sector.










CoRE has been developed at Kent Street over a thirteen year period. Students from Years 7 - 10 are invited to apply for CoRE. Kent Street Senior High School in Perth is the lighthouse school for the CoRE Expansion Program.

What is CoRE?

Why CoRE?

Real World Learning

Where better to learn about Earth processes than out in nature? CoRE takes students out of the classroom and into the field, where they can apply the theory they’ve learnt in class.

Hands on Experience

CoRE is all about practical, hands-on learning, equipping students with the tools to succeed in their chosen vocation.

Unique Opportunities

CoRE students have the opportunity to participate in industry events, international field trips, and more.

Building Industry Connections


CoRE works closely with industry to create an education-to-career pipeline for students.

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