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Management Committee


Chalida Pascoe

Management Committee support

BSc Applied Geology 

Working in the Mining/Resources Industry for the last 8 years, I’ve experienced a lack of industry ready graduates. Being part of CoRE allows me to support a program that harnesses passionate students , who are treated with respect and empowered through their education.

This program, will provide our industry with a solid and unmatched talent pipeline, full of students who not only have knowledge and a thirst for learning, but more importantly, hands-on experience before they finish secondary schooling. What a great way to support our youth and our industry.


Kathleen Booth

Education Lead

MSc Mineral Economics, BSc Mineral Exploration and Mine Geology

DipEd Science Major/Math Minor 

Unconventional educator and overtly proud mother... 10 years kicking rocks, collecting geological data sets and defining metalliferous ore bodies. 6 years sparking curiosity and immersing student awareness of the resources sector through real world learning.


Dianne Rogers

Educational Engagement

Dip Teach Physical, Health and Business education 

As an educator my involvement in CoRE is to promote education with the aim to build careers, create opportunity and provide support for the future workplace.

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Portia Claudias

Management Committee support

CoRE Alumni/Geology and Environmental Biology Student

The CoRE program ignited my passion for Earth sciences through its use of #TheRealClassroom, allowing for out in the field hands-on experiences.

From the perspective of a graduate of the CoRE program I recognise the importance of the CoRE program in helping create opportunities for students once they are sent out into the real world, through building crucial skills such as team work, innovation, leadership, time management and so much more. 


Emily Farr

CoRE alumni/Geology Student

As a former CoRE student, I understand the impact that the CoRE program has. 
The CoRE program provides a diversity of students with equal opportunities, in an environment where everyone can express who they truly are, feel valued and build on their confidence as an individual. This influence shapes the students personality and results in students flourishing. 
As students are the upstream of STEM, it’s important to have a lasting impact on as many students to path a prosperous future for the industry and I believe CoRE is leading the way in achieving this. 

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