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Gamifying Earth Science Learning

Gamifying Earth Science Learning is about capturing our world, focusing on what content is being taught and presenting it to the students in a way they are already familiar and fond with - video games!

CoRE has two games in our gamification project and we are proud to say they are both approved as an assessable and reportable tool for use in the Australian Education curriculum.

Gamification is open to all schools and already has over 58 active classes playing the games. If you are interested in Gamification and would like to run it at your school or know more, click below to have a chat with our Lead Suzy Urbaniak.

The secret sauce to why CoRE works is creating an environment in which students can explore, experiment and fail fast, consequence free. With 18 years of experience we see that once you create this environment, students no longer get held up by their fear of failing and the speed that they learn increases dramatically. 


Video games already create this free environment, and that's why kids love them! The Gamifying Earth Science Initiative leverages this and applies curriculum content to create a powerful learning tool that engages students on a level we have never seen before!

Resource, Respond, Rescue - Year 6

The Year 6 Minecraft game Resource, Respond, Rescue is located in a fictitious town in Northern Australia. Its gameplay describes the operation's Emergency Response Teams collaborating with the town's SES volunteers as they engage in mitigation, response and rescue activities to protect the community and the mine from the effects of bushfire, flood, earthquake and tsunami.

Old as Dirt - Year 8

The Year 8 Old as Dirt! (OaD) is eight mini-games based on discovering, mining and transporting iron ore from an open pit to a port and includes eight scenarios that describe this sequence along the iron ore value chain. OaD highlights the formation of Banded Iron Formations (BIF), ancient lands and Aboriginal stories, exploring, mining, transport and shipment to markets.

CoRE understands that each school is unique so we sit down and work with each school individually to help them tailor how they want to use gamification to get the best out of their students.


Working with 55 schools we have found many ways to run the program to best suit their needs, from including as an accessible school project, to running it as an independent learning tool.

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As one of the world’s largest gold mining companies, Newcrest is proud to become CoRE’s newest Gamifying Earth Science Initiative sponsor. Through this sponsorship Newcrest joins to support the expansion of the Gamification initiative Australia-wide.

As a leading global resources company, BHP is proud to partner with the CoRE Learning Foundation and the Minerals Council of Australia to help bring this innovative gamification initiative into Australian schools.

The MCA is proud to support and promote the development of Gamification to provide innovative avenues to increase awareness about Australia’s world-leading resources sector and career opportunities in the industry amongst Australia’s primary and secondary students.

Want to support the initiative?

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