Updated, modern curriculum & alternative education pathway


Originally developed at the lighthouse School, Kent Street Senior High over a thirteen-year period, the CoRE Learning Model originated as a secondary school specialist program, based on a STEAM framework which integrates the Western Australian curriculum into a project-based learning system. 

Student-centered, customized and run internally by a school -

it is not an external STEM program.  

The CoRE Learning Foundation is a change-maker, with its unique teaching-learning strategies and role-model educators/ STEMmers.   


21st century social and emotional enterprising skills are integral to student learning and life skill improvement in the CoRE program.


Safe-learning, nurturing environments grow students for the future - giving them different options to understand and align their life (and future work) with world purpose.  

Successful implementation of The CoRE Learning model at a regional or metropolitan school results in increased student engagement, parent satisfaction and student awareness of potential career paths and mentoring opportunities


However, The CoRE Learning program can't be implemented without the support of the school's executive, with their blessing and understanding.


Improving 21st-century enterprise and technical skill development

How CoRE Learning Works?


Students have six (6) periods a week, where they ‘go to work.’  With expectation, they will work both independently, and collaboratively to time manage and organise the completion of their project.


Daily learning is sequenced and integrated into standard school timetables.  With Industry practices and strategies brought into the classroom; or conversely where students are taken out into the field to network and learn directly from STEM professionals, who are actually working in the industry.  ​


Student-centred learning; immerses them in project-specific accountability and responsibility - #therealclassroom -  and our contemporary, project-based STEAM learning model ensures students innovatively engage in realistic, contextually-set real-world problems. 

Experienced STEM Educators

Key to attracting students into the resources industry are  STEM educators; our successful coaches and mentors works closely with these groups to upskill and incorporate trans-disciplinarian learning processes into their program.  E.g Kent Street CoRE is now self-sustainable.  Tom Price CoRE, is now in its second year and testifies to positive outcomes.

Regional and Metropolitan CoRE is growing organically and we are working with learning environment educators by:

CoRE principles are founded in educator training, mentoring and coaching of regional STEM staff

Educators are provided with contemporary professional development and support - so STEM educators can act immediately, improving training and retention across regional communities

Regional staff making CoRE their own, for their students and specific learning environments


CoRE Programs are the basis for Australia’s future skilled, home-grown talent pipelines - this starts at school with real-world, lifelong learning.  CoRE provides the system, encouragement, and outcomes for STEM workforce educators to guide and facilitate diverse, authentic STEM learning environments.  ​


As major contributors, CoRE Educators directly generate homegrown talent to service resource pipeline career paths here in WA.  In our learning environments; CoRE Educators practice deep collaboration between students and themselves, initially with explicit, scaffolded learning as the foundation to student engagement and achievement.  

CoRE educators have industry STEM experience and understand what real STEAM Learning is (not some ‘bolt-on’ siloed subject, dressed up as STEM and taught traditionally.) 


Our STEM educators are prepared to go beyond in support of their students with extraordinary experiences that serve them best.  CoRE Alumni are a strong cohort.  CoRE Educators and the CoRE Lead continue to coach and sponsor our Alumni, supporting them in their respective fields as their careers evolve.

Reducing Inequality, Celebrating Inclusivity and Diversity

CoRE Foundation Alumni.jpg

Education and learning should be equitable and relevant.   


All students need the opportunity to excel in a safe learning environment, where their talents and capabilities are nurtured and evolved. 


In CoRE, there is no bias towards gender, age, socio-economic status, culture and most importantly, talents and capabilities.   


CoRE promotes Diversity - 51% of CoRE Alumni being Female, 33% English as Second Language and 10% Aboriginal - all these groups engage deeply across a range of STEM careers in the Resource, Defence and more recently, Science sectors. 


CoRE’s work with industry guides students to cultures of ‘social license to operate.’ by way of understanding the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the importance of scientific understanding to deal with social science issues.