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Helping your students self-identify and self-actualize in a 21st Century workforce

Highlighting the diverse talents and intelligence of students, across a spectrum of activities. 

CoRE projects are authentic and genuine.  Incorporating design thinking, information communication technologies and digital technologies, together with the more traditional learning processes, to better prepare students to navigate global digital environments.    


Encouraging and teaching individuals from all types of diverse backgrounds - arming them with real-world knowledge, confidence, skills, and motivations to get comfortable turning challenging situations into solutions. 

In CoRE, we practice natural justice and support an ever-evolving atmosphere of equality and equity, through genuine disclosure by including students in the key decision-making, shared goals and ambitions, essentially evolving this young talent into #futureleaders. 


CoRE programs guide all types of students confidently through their lives, to capitalize upon careers driven by their passions, talents, and dreams.   


This is next-level Student Learning, real-world application, uniquely, to their very own potential career paths.


Purposefully, we lead this shift away from STEM as a subject; instead embracing a STEM Learning Framework to support STEM career awareness and pathways. 


Simultaneously, as hands-on learning, delivered through ‘doing science and engineering’ our students develop their individual social and emotional enterprising skills. #therealclassroom.   


Steered from being risk-averse, students move to the other side of fear, which becomes a truly energizing element of their success. Guided to carefully to walk new territories, to experience growth and improved mindsets - although sometimes difficult to embrace; the best feeling realised as a result. 

Our Alumni students are here attesting to CoRE Learning Model's validity, value and future application, post their graduation.

Students as the Resource
Typical CoRE classes employ multiple skills and competencies to: 

Identify real-world problems

Use technology to research and manipulate data

Collaborate deeply with others

Engineer an array of potential solutions

Apply mathematics to understand trends and processes

Use their arts skills to communicate the findings

Education to Industry Pathways

CoRE Programs are the basis for Australia’s future skilled, home-grown talent pipelines - this starts at school with real-world, lifelong learning.  CoRE provides the system, encouragement, and outcomes for STEM workforce educators to guide and facilitate diverse, authentic STEM learning environments.  ​

As major contributors, CoRE Educators directly generate homegrown talent to service resource pipeline career paths here in WA.  In our learning environments; CoRE Educators practice deep collaboration between students and themselves, initially with explicit, scaffolded learning as the foundation to student engagement and achievement.  

CoRE educators have industry STEM experience and understand what real STEAM Learning is (not some ‘bolt-on’ siloed subject, dressed up as STEM and taught traditionally.) 

Our STEM educators are prepared to go beyond in support of their students with extraordinary experiences that serve them best.  CoRE Alumni are a strong cohort.  CoRE Educators and the CoRE Lead continue to coach and sponsor our Alumni, supporting them in their respective fields as their careers evolve.​

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