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CoRE Learning Model

The CoRE Learning Model is an innovative educational approach with a primary focus on preparing students for meaningful careers in the resources industry. Developed by Suzy Urbaniak, a Prime Minister's Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching Award winner, over a nearly 20-year period, this model is built upon the CARMA philosophy, emphasizing that learning should be Contextual, Authentic, Relevant, Meaningful, and Applicable.
The CoRE Learning Model emphasises an integrated STEM education. This interdisciplinary approach, often referred to as STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), enables students to visualize, interpret, engineer, and communicate their scientific literacy effectively.

CoRE Learning is student centered and hands on.

Working collaboratively in business units, students learn through doing, developing their STEM skills to deliver cross-curricular outcomes. These outcomes are delivered through real-world context using project-based learning (PBL). 


Students are taken out into the field to communicate and learn from scientists, engineers, and technicians working out in industry.

Centred on collaboration and pursuit, the practical nature of the CoRE Learning model encourages students to be curious, ask questions, be creative, make mistakes and welcome fear and failure.


Students identify where their own inherent talents intersect with their passion. Empowered to choose just how they conduct projects, to build on their collective strengths, which in turn, allows a deeper understanding of their own innate capabilities, along with the many meaningful career options ahead of them.

Student Study About Gardening
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At the end of the term, students present an external audience (often including industry professionals) to showcase their solutions and supporting evidence.


The CoRE Learning Model also includes field trips, experiments, prototype development and report writing as well as other technical skills to support the development of higher-order thinking through cross-curricular integration and STEM skill development.


The CoRE Graduate Mentoring Program offers sponsors a chance to provide in-kind support, mentorship, volunteering and industry input into learning projects, encouraging graduate employees to volunteer in CoRE Schools as a mentor, guest speaker or engage in project-based learning.


This continual presence in the local schools ensures open lines of communication and provides a safe space for students to develop their social skills, further strengthening practical pathways between education and industry through STEM learning.

CoRE Learning is about #therealclassroom to evolve future leaders

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