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Our Growth

One of our biggest achievement of 2020 is the introduction of CoRE in Primary Schools. This is a major milestone in building the talent pipeline of the future. We had to do a lot of learning and changing to suit the different learning needs of primary school students but in less than 12 months we are already seeing amazing results.




Increase in CoRE Classes

Increase in CoRE Students

Increase in CoRE Educators

A Historical Educator Growth for The CoRE Learning Foundation.

202209 - GAM - CoRE Schools (2019 - 22) - V1.png

2015 marked the formation of the CoRE Learning Model at the Lighthouse School Kent Street. In 2019 the CoRE Expansion officially formed and began with the addition of our first regional school - Tom Price Senior High School.

It is without hesitation that we see 2020 was CoRE's year of growth. Despite interruptions from Covid, CoRE has grown all round with more students, classes, schools and educators. We are immensely proud of what we have achieved.

202209 - GAM - CoRE Student Numbers (2019 - 22) - V1.png

The positive impact that the CoRE Learning Model has to offer has grown immensely, not only are more schools joining CoRE but existing schools are expanding the program within, a testament to its success.

Providing ongoing support to our educators and schools is what make the CoRE difference. We are boots on the ground, evolving, adapting and changing to each group's needs. This year we excelled, ensuring that every one of our schools develops their own CoRE style #TheRealClassroom.

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