The Board


Christian Price

Chair & Co-Founder

"Our planet relies on critical thinkers, CoRE is a proven and scalable integrated STEM education solution that will provide a paradigm shift for a better future”


Suzy Urbaniak

Founder & CoRE Lead

Sharing with her students the love of the Earth, the importance of it and of resources that sustain our lives – by reading rocks, we understand how our Earth evolved and use the evidence to protect us into the future.  


In #therealclassroom students tune into the Earth, their curiosity is ignited and lifelong learning begins.  


Awaken the scientist in kids, move them onto deeper thinking and learning in contextually-set, authentic, relevant and meaningful environments and they will apply this knowledge and skills turning situations into solutions:  Hands-on Science, Hands-on Engineering – this is real STEM Learning. 

Kate Driver

Vice-Chair & Co-Founder

I am Deputy Director of Questacon – Australia’s National Science and Technology Centre, overseeing the operational aspects of all Questacon’s local, national and international activities. 


Adam Mietke


"CoRE is the future of education where students are encouraged to think laterally, to problem solve and to push boundaries. The graduates from CoRE learn strong self-efficacy and leadership, characteristics that are invaluable in any career path. The natural resources industry has changed significantly over the years and the next round of recruits need to be prepared for an ever-changing landscape.


The CoRE program is so much more than an educational stream, it is the start of a life-long educational journey."

Frank Cardenia


Frank is the Head of Learning Area Science at Kent Street SHS Kent Street Senior High Schools is an Independent Public School and Lighthouse school for the CoRE learning model. Frank has over 21 years of teaching experience in the public school sector in Western Australia.

An experienced senior leader, Frank has held pastoral care positions prior to leading the science learning area for the last 6 years.  He brings a wealth of knowledge in school planning, leadership and curriculum delivery at same time has  intimate knowledge in school and education department policy delivery.

Frank assisted in launching CoRE at Kent Street SHS; and one of the initial members who worked to get the CoRE Learning Foundation off the ground in 2018.

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