The Board


Suzy Urbaniak
Founder & CoRE Lead

BSc (Hons) Geology Dip.Ed Secondary MAIG

Sharing with her students the love of the Earth, the importance of it and of resources that sustain our lives – by reading rocks, we understand how our Earth evolved and use the evidence to protect us into the future.  


In #therealclassroom students tune into the Earth, their curiosity is ignited and lifelong learning begins.

Awaken the scientist in kids, move them onto deeper thinking and learning in contextually-set, authentic, relevant and meaningful environments and they will apply this knowledge and skills turning situations into solutions:  Hands-on Science, Hands-on Engineering – this is real STEM Learning. 


Christian Price
Chair & Co-Founder

"Our planet relies on critical thinkers, CoRE is a proven and scalable integrated STEM education solution that will provide a paradigm shift for a better future”

Kate Driver Profile.jpg

Kate Driver
Vice-Chair & Co-Founder

LLM, GDLP, LLB (first class honours) (University Medal), B. Soc. Sc., ATCL, GAICD 

“I am passionate about providing the environment for young people to imagine a better future, and develop the tools, skills and confidence to achieve those dreams. Tomorrow’s workforce is in today’s classrooms, but life is not an exam and #therealclassroom is about setting our young people up well.  


Aditi Subramanya
Marketing Communications

Aditi is a communicator in the digital world, loves tech and is passionate about creating diverse, inclusive mindsets and cultures. This starts in education, for all ages. Aditi comes to the CoRE Learning Foundation as the Board Member for Communications & Stakeholder Engagement and Marketing Lead on its Management Committee. 
Aditi sees the CoRE Learning Foundation as the catalyst for change in Australia's workforce, creating opportunities and education for the next generation. Aditi is passionate about opening doors for girls and diverse groups into STEM and believes CoRE is vital in achieving this.


Briony Doyle

B Eng (Elec), M. Biomed. Eng

Briony has had a long term interest in STEAM education, particularly for girls and nonbinary  kids. The CoRE program attracted them because the focus on business units that allows all students to use their strengths to learn and grow together.