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18 months of Gamifying Earth Science Learning

For the past 18 months, CoRE’s Gamifying Earth Science Learning initiative has been changing the way that schools across the country are teaching Earth Science! Our collaboration with BHP and Minerals Council of Australia, with support from Newcrest Mining, is working to establish the skilled, STEM-talented pipeline of the future for the #resourcesindustry. Created as a way to make Earth Science more accessible to both students and teachers, the Gamifying Earth Science initiative has grown to: ​​🏫 90 classrooms across 55 schools, 🧑‍🏫 teaching more than 1500 students nationwide! With the aim for CoRE to double these results in the next 12 months! These fantastic results have allowed CoRE to continue to create Education to Industry pathways by demonstrating the various careers that are available within the Resources Industry to students and teachers. Establishing this talent pipeline has seen a 77% increase in students' Resource Industry Career awareness. To see CoRE’s results so far and where we are aiming to be in 12 months' time, click the Case Impact Document link.

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