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Delta Lithium Inspiring Future Mining Leaders through Educational Games

CoRE students play immersive games as part of GES initiative.

Thanks to Delta Lithium's new Garnet sponsorship, CoRE is broadening its impact in the Goldfields region through our Gamifying Earth Science (GES) initiative. This partnership sparks enthusiasm among students and teachers by demonstrating that learning about the Australian resources industry can be both enjoyable and interactive.

Empowering Teachers with CoRE Games

At CoRE, we advocate for enjoyable and engaging learning experiences. That's why we've developed two games: "Old as Dirt" and "Resource! Respond! Rescue!" With the support of Delta Lithium, we aim to empower teachers by giving them the tools they need to inspire their classrooms. They'll have the opportunity to play our games with their students and seamlessly integrate them into the curriculum, fostering greater awareness of the industry and its careers. Delta Lithium's collaboration will be instrumental in reaching out to schools in the Goldfields area, enriching educational engagement in communities.

Inspiring Exploration and Discovery

"Delta is delighted to support the CoRE Foundation as they seek to introduce and expand the knowledge of school kids about the mining industry and the opportunities it presents. This is how we build a better future for our industry and our great country." - James Croser, Managing Director, Delta Lithium

This initiative is a direct reflection of Delta Lithium's sustainability strategy, which is “committed to ensuring people are at the heart of your strategy”. Through these efforts, Delta Lithium embodies its commitment to “stimulating economic development and employment”, thus ensuring a legacy in the Goldfields.

Building a Brighter Future Together

By supporting CoRE, Delta Lithium is not only giving back to education but also contributing to the learning of future mining professionals. Together, the CoRE Learning Foundation and Delta Lithium are helping teachers create an environment that is engaging and fun for young students while also empowering young minds to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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