Resource! Respond! Rescue! 
Educator Resources

Watch the gameplay tutorial

Showing how to play the game and what curriculum content is included, the gameplay tutorial is the quickest way to learn about Resource! Respond! Rescue


Read the Teacher Guide

The teacher guide is a step by step walkthrough of how to set-up and play Resource! Respond! Rescue! It also explains the curriculum material covered in the game, and how it can be used in your class.

V1.4 released May 2022

Download Resource! Respond! Rescue!

Version 1.4 | Released May 2022


Download (teachers only)

If updating, see how to delete the old file before importing the new one!

Read what's improved in the latest version

Get Ready to Play!

Import the Minecraft world

Open the Resource! Respond! Rescue! file you downloaded and wait for it to be imported into Minecraft Educator Edition.


Host the world

See the Minecraft world you imported in "View my worlds" and select "host". Once loaded into the world press "esc" and note down the 4-picture join code (similar to below).

Let the students join

Get your students to open  Minecraft Educator Edition on their devices and have them to enter in the unique 4-picture code you have.

Download (teachers only)