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Ramelius Resources: Empowering Education in Western Australia

CoRE students gather for photo.

Ramelius Resources, a prominent Western Australian gold producer listed on the ASX since 2003, has enthusiastically elevated its dedication to STEM education and community development in the Wheatbelt by renewing its support as a Eucalyptus Sponsor with the CoRE Learning Foundation. With a strong focus on sustainability and community engagement, Ramelius Resources has been a key supporter of the core CoRE initiatives program, recognising its pivotal role in teaching STEM skills while educating and building a talent pipeline for future generations.

A Commitment to Sustainable Mining Practices

Since its inception, Ramelius Resources has been dedicated to sustainable mining practices and responsible community engagement. With operations spanning across Western Australia, including production and processing hubs at Mt Magnet and Edna May, as well as various satellite operations, Ramelius Resources places great importance on fostering positive relationships with local communities and preserving the environment.

Supporting Education and Development

The partnership between Ramelius Resources and the CoRE program commenced when they visited Kent St High School in 2020, exposing students to the advantages of practical learning. Impressed by the CoRE's positive influence in WA, Ramelius helped establish a 'CoRE Wheatbelt Hub' at Merredin College, aligning with their commitment to community support. This initiative includes championing the Wheatbelt Resources Challenge at Merredin College, where around 140 primary students participate in an interactive carnival day centred around the resources industry, providing insight into industry practices and potential careers within it.

Investing in the Future

As part of its renewed sponsorship, Ramelius Resources encourages other Western Australian mining companies to support the CoRE Program, emphasising its crucial role in addressing workforce demand and preparing students for the evolving challenges of the fourth industrial revolution. By investing in children's education and development in rural Western Australian communities, Ramelius Resources aims to contribute to the success of tomorrow's youth and build a brighter future for all.

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