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The Latest Aussie STEM Stars book - Suzy Urbaniak: Volcano Hunter and STEAM Warrior is OUT NOW!

Latest Aussie Stem Stars Book | Suzy Urbaniak

OUT NOW! 🎉🎉🎉 Today is the official publication day for the latest Aussie STEM Stars book featuring none other than CoRE's Founder and Lead Educator, Suzy Urbaniak! Without her vision and leadership for the last 5 years, CoRE could not deliver quality STEM education across Australia! Thank you to Wild Dingo Press and Cristy (Cris) Burne for their hard work and dedication in making this a reality! Get yours here: You can use the code Suzy10 for 10% off! All of CoRE's book proceeds go back into making CoRE even better for our students!

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