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CoRE and Get Into Resources: Inspiring the Next Generation

CoRE and Get Into Resources team.

We participated in an incredible event with our in-kind partners Get Into Resources (GIR) held at TAFE from June 25th to 27th, 2024. This unique Industry career event helped showcase the diverse opportunities within the resources sector to Year 10 students through hands-on activities and direct interaction with industry professionals.

Engaging STEM Education

At the heart of our participation was the CoRE Gamifying Earth Science initiative designed to connect students with real-world STEM applications that are engaging and practical. Our innovative approach ensures that students are not only learning but also applying their knowledge in meaningful ways. This aligns perfectly with the goals of Get Into Resources, which aims to help students fully comprehend the opportunities the resources sector offers.

Hands-On Activities Bringing STEM to Life

Over the three days, we conducted interactive sessions featuring one of two educational games in our suite, Old as Dirt. This game made learning about the resources industry fun and engaging, providing students with real-world insights into the sector. Our goal was to inspire students and help them see the amazing diverse array of career possibilities available to them.

Learning from the Experts

Get Into Resources provided students with first-hand knowledge from industry professionals. This direct interaction allows students to learn more about resources careers from those who are passionate about their work and can share real-world experiences.

"Get Into Resources is an event like no other! A fabulous & dedicated volunteer committee of motivated individuals coordinate this annual event at TAFE East Perth to inspire high school students to open their eyes to the hundreds of career opportunities in the resources industry!
Industry sponsors come on board to support the event & engage the students in interactive activities whilst sharing with them various jobs & skills utilised in their business.
Due to our complimentary programs and aligned visions, Get Into Resources are proud & excited that CoRE has come along for their second year to run their highly popular Old as Dirt game, which not only teaches high school students about geology, rocks, and science in a fun way, but they bring the lessons of teamwork & how important communication can be to the success of a dynamic team. #TheRealClassroom #InspiringNextGen” - Jade Singleton, Chair of GIR.

Why It Matters

The resources industry offers a wide spectrum of rewarding career opportunities, from technical and trade roles to professional and managerial positions. Events like Get Into Resources play a crucial role in helping students make informed decisions about their future careers by exposing them to the various paths available within the sector.

Through our partnership with GIR, we aimed to:

  • Provide immersive and practical experiences through hands-on activities

  • Help students understand the range of technical, professional, and trade roles available

  • Inspire students by interacting with people who love what they do in the resources industry

  • Create quality contacts and networking opportunities for the future

Looking Ahead

Our joint partnership aims to inspire the next generation of industry leaders. By working together, CoRE and GIR are helping to build a talent pipeline for the resources sector that is informed, engaged, and ready to take on the challenges of the future.

For more information about our initiatives and how we’re making a difference in STEM education, visit our CoRE Learning Model and Gamifying Earth Science pages or Contact Us.

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