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CoRE Partners with RCF Foundation

CoRE Students, on field trip in Western Australia.

We are excited to announce that the RCF Foundation has joined us as our newest garnet sponsor, supporting our efforts to deliver the CoRE Learning Model to schools across Western Australia. This partnership will help us bring our innovative STEM Learning initiative to more students across Australia and continue expanding on our innovative e-learning platform, Gamifying Earth Science, to reach more young learners.

Revolutionising STEM Education

RCF Foundation’s support will be instrumental in expanding the reach of the CoRE Learning Model throughout Australia. Their commitment to enhancing community understanding of the mining industry aligns perfectly with our mission.

Brett Beatty, Partner and MD Australia of RCF, remarked, "The RCF Foundation is pleased to support the CoRE Learning Foundation for its ability to enhance the community’s understanding of the mining industry and ensure opportunity for future direct and indirect participation through education."

The CoRE Learning Model is designed to make STEM more engaging and accessible for students. By integrating real-world applications, hands-on projects, and gamification, CoRE ensures that learning is both fun and impactful. Our approach has been proven effective in 21 schools across Western Australia, and our GES platform in 106 schools across Australia, where students are inspired to explore and excel in STEM fields.

Innovative Learning Tools

Part of the CoRE Learning Model’s success in inspiring young earth scientists comes from our innovative educational games. Resource! Respond! Rescue! and Old as Dirt are designed to immerse students in geoscience concepts through engaging gameplay. These games make learning fun and deepen students' understanding of critical STEM topics. We are currently updating these games to incorporate the latest advancements and ensure they remain cutting-edge educational tools.

Our Partnership

With support from the RCF Foundation, we can enhance our educational games and expand our reach, bringing the CoRE Learning Model to even more students.

Brett Beatty further emphasised, "As an investor in the mining industry for more than 25 years, we understand that community participation and transparent impact are critical to the success of any extractive industry. CoRE’s active participation in the industry ensures that students are informed and ready to contribute to the future success of the mining industry."

Both CoRE and RCF Foundation believe in the transformative power of STEM education and the importance of preparing the next generation for future opportunities. This partnership will help us realise our shared vision of creating a sustainable future through informed and inspired communities.

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