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James Fox: From CoRE to Career

James Fox on site working with IGO.

James Fox, a former student of Kent Street Senior High School, exemplifies the transformative impact of CoRE's initiatives on student career pathways. His journey from a CoRE classroom to a successful Graduate Mining Engineer in the resources industry with IGO is inspiring.

Early Exposure Shapes Career Aspirations

"Through CoRE, I had the early exposure to the resources industry, attending field trips to Shark Bay and visiting multiple mine sites across Western Australia."

James Fox's journey began with CoRE, where he experienced the resources industry through field trips and site visits. These experiences ignited his passion for STEM learning and set the stage for his future career ambitions. Alumni like James exemplify why CoRE integrates real-world experiences with industry, offering students a firsthand glimpse into the professional world, shaping their career trajectories and inspiring them from an early age.

Learning Through Practical Experience

"I soon realised that I preferred a more practical hands-on work approach and learnt more over a four day field trip compared to a whole semesters work within the classroom."

CoRE's immersive methodology empowered James to grasp knowledge more effectively than conventional classroom learning. CoRE acknowledges the crucial significance of experiential learning in transforming students' educational journeys. By emphasising practical involvement, CoRE ensures that students like James are equipped with the skills and insights essential for success in real-world scenarios.

Seizing Opportunities for Growth

"Eager to apply my newfound knowledge, I wasted no time in seeking out vacation roles as a Mining Engineer so soon as I finished my first year at Curtin University WASM."

Empowered by his CoRE experiences, James pursued vacation roles as a Mining Engineer, leveraging his acquired skills and knowledge to jumpstart his career. CoRE's encouragement of students to seize opportunities creates a culture of growth and resilience, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities of the workforce.

Launching a Successful Career

"Overall CoRE has provided me a foundation of knowledge, skills, and experience to which I believe has given me the confidence to really kick start my career in Mining."
James Fox Mining Engineer.

The CoRE Learning Model equips students with essential knowledge, skills, and experience, instilling the confidence needed to excel in the resources industry. CoRE's holistic approach to education, encompassing technical proficiency and soft skill development, prepares students like James for the complexities of the modern workplace, laying the groundwork for their professional success.

CoRE's Impact

"CoRE has driven me to take every opportunity as they come and I’m forever grateful for the time and efforts on which Suzy Urbaniak and Kathleen Booth provided me."

CoRE educators like Suzy Urbaniak and Kathleen Booth have supported many students in Kent Street Senior High School on their STEM career journey. Their guidance and encouragement empower students to embrace opportunities while developing the necessary skills and confidence to pursue their careers, inspiring future generations to reach their full potential.

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