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Australian Institute of Geoscientists Partners with CoRE

CoRE Student working on project based learning task.

We're thrilled to announce that the Australian Institute of Geoscientists (AIG) has partnered with CoRE! This Garnet sponsorship is a significant step forward in our mission to revolutionise the way primary and secondary students connect with geoscience through our GES (Gamifying Earth Sciences) Initiative.

What is GES?

CoRE (Centre of Resources Excellence) is dedicated to transforming STEM education with a focus on geoscience. Our Gamifying Earth Science Initiative has been focused on developing an innovative e-learning platform that makes STEM subjects more engaging and accessible, inspiring students to explore and pursue careers in geoscience. With proven success in 67 schools across Australia, we're leading the charge in educational innovation.

Our Innovative Games

Our suite of educational games, including Resource! Respond! Rescue! and Old as Dirt, have been a cornerstone of our program. These games provide interactive and immersive experiences, allowing students to learn complex geoscience concepts in a fun and engaging way. We're currently working on updating these games to cover more topics and create more engaging experiences for students and better teaching tools for educators.

The Impact of Our Partnership

The partnership with AIG will significantly enhance our ability to expand the GES initiative throughout NSW. This collaboration will provide the resources and support needed to update our games and extend our reach, ensuring more students can benefit from our innovative approach to geoscience education.

Kaylene Camuti, Chair of the Education Committee, highlights the importance of this partnership: "AIG supports the CoRE program as part of its ongoing commitment to increase geoscience awareness and geoscience educational capacity and delivery in schools."

A Trusted Partner

The Australian Institute of Geoscientists is the leading professional institute representing geoscientists employed in all sectors of industry, education, research, and government throughout Australia. As a not-for-profit organisation, AIG aims to advance the skills, status, and public perception of more than 3,000 members both within Australia and overseas. Their support underscores the value and potential of our GES initiative.

Looking Ahead

With AIG's support, we're excited about the future of geoscience education. Our ongoing efforts to update and enhance our games will provide students with cutting-edge learning tools, helping them to better understand and appreciate the importance of geoscience in our world.

Together, we're inspiring the next generation of geoscientists and transforming education across Australia.

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