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Exploring Real-World Career Paths

Mitchell Byrne on-site.

"I currently work at an underground gold mine where I'm completing my required underground time by working in various operating roles while also in my final year of study of mining engineering at WASM."

Mitchell Byrne's journey from CoRE to his current role in the mining industry exemplifies the real-world impact of the CoRE Learning Model. His experiences showcase how CoRE not only equips students with theoretical knowledge but also instils a passion for practical exploration and problem-solving.

Immersive Field Trips and Real-World Insights

"One of my favourite memories from CoRE was the trip to Shark Bay. It was one of the best trips I've been on, and I still have rocks from that trip. Visiting the Shark Bay stromatolites was amazing. I also loved the site visits to operating mines like Forrestania where we got to talk to geoscientists and engineers solving real-time problems. It showed me that learning goes beyond books and what can be taught in a classroom, a fact I’m still realising today with my underground work. CoRE allowed us to be real geologists and scientists in the field, collecting rocks, mapping features, and testing theories."

Immersive field trips and real-world engagements facilitated by CoRE can have huge impacts on how students experience the industry. These experiences not only enrich students' understanding but also ignite a passion for exploration and discovery, shaping their career aspirations and guiding them towards meaningful paths in the resources industry.

Shaping Career Trajectories

"After CoRE and high school, my journey wasn't straightforward. I worked various jobs before landing in exploration drilling, where I would often talk with and ask geologists on the rig questions about concepts I had learned from CoRE. I still remember Suzy saying that 'every rock tells a story,' which rang true when talking to the geologists. CoRE played a vital role in shaping my path to where I am today; it was the experiences of CoRE that built a passion for science and the resource industry in me that was eventually reignited and led to me making the decision to study mining engineering."

Beyond imparting knowledge, CoRE fosters a deep-seated passion for science and industry, laying the foundation for students to explore diverse career paths and make informed decisions about their future endeavours.

Empowering Future Leaders in STEM

Mitchell's journey exemplifies the CoRE's mission: to empower students with practical skills, ignite their passion for STEM, and guide them towards successful careers in the resources industry and beyond. Through immersive experiences, mentorship, and real-world engagements, CoRE is shaping the next generation of STEM leaders, equipping them with the tools and confidence to tackle the challenges of tomorrow's world.

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