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CoRE Learning Foundation Marks 5 Years of Excellence in STEM Education

CoRE Learning Foundation 5th Anniversary commemorative cake.

In a momentous celebration, the CoRE Learning Foundation commemorates its 5th anniversary, recognising a half-decade of unwavering commitment to transforming STEM education. Gratitude extends to the generous sponsors who have stood by CoRE's side, with a special acknowledgement to the Core Innovation Hub for providing an outstanding venue and Mintrex for sponsoring the drinks.

Over the past five years, CoRE has achieved significant milestones, each contributing to the foundation's mission of fostering immersive STEM experiences:

Teacher Collaboration and Development:

Working collaboratively with 82 passionate teachers, CoRE has invested 704 days in enriching professional development, empowering educators to deliver cutting-edge STEM education.

Immersive Learning Experiences:

A hallmark of CoRE's journey has been the 83 immersive field trips undertaken, providing students with hands-on experiences that bridge theoretical concepts with real-world applications.

School Engagement:

CoRE is currently actively engaged with 21 schools, involving 40 dedicated educators and impacting the lives of 1086 students across Western Australia. This regional commitment extends to a national scale, reaching 69 schools and positively influencing 3465 students through the Gamifying Earth Science (GES) initiative.

Evolution of CoRE's Learning Model:

Central to CoRE's success is the evolution of its innovative Learning Model. Over these transformative years, CoRE has reshaped the landscape of STEM education, ensuring a holistic approach that not only imparts theoretical knowledge but also equips students with practical skills.

Gamifying Earth Science Initiative:

The Gamifying Earth Science (GES) initiative remains a cornerstone of CoRE's educational approach. This pioneering project continues to play a pivotal role in creating engaging learning experiences, seamlessly aligning with the Australian Science Curriculum and reaching students nationwide.

As CoRE reflects on this incredible journey, it's not just an evolution being celebrated; it's the anticipation of future chapters. The Foundation is excited about the ongoing impact it will make in the realm of STEM education, pioneering groundbreaking initiatives and achieving many more milestones in the years to come.

Here's to five years of CoRE's unwavering dedication to groundbreaking STEM education, and to the exciting chapters that lie ahead!

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