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Sandvik Renews Sponsorship with CoRE Learning Foundation

CoRE class on a trip.

Sandvik, a leader in the mining industry, has reaffirmed its partnership with the CoRE Learning Foundation by renewing its sponsorship. This commitment reflects Sandvik's dedication to advancing STEM education and empowering young talents for the future of the resources industry.

Melita Hegarty, Community Engagement and First Nations Advisor at Sandvik, expressed pride in the company's ongoing support for CoRE. "Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions are proud to renew our sponsorship of the CoRE Learning Foundation," she stated. "By supporting this initiative, we contribute to empowering young people with essential knowledge and skills, aiming to increase the talent pool within the resources industry."

Supporting Collaborative Learning

Sandvik's commitment to education and community engagement was vividly demonstrated through its active involvement in the 2023 Ashburton School Alliance CoRE Resources Challenge. This event, held in Tom Price, brought together primary students from three schools, along with their mentors from Tom Price Senior High School, for a day of collaborative learning.

Represented by Michael O'Reilly, Sandvik played a crucial role in the challenge. O'Reilly served as a member of the judging team, providing valuable feedback to enhance the competitiveness of various tasks. His engagement significantly contributed to the overall success of the initiative.

Continued Partnership with CoRE for 2024

Sandvik's integral role in the Tom Price area aligns with its broader commitment to supporting educational endeavours and fostering community development. The company's decision to renew its sponsorship for 2024 underscores its dedication to advancing education and community initiatives.

Sandvik's continued support exemplifies its dedication to the mission of CoRE and its vision for the future of STEM education. As a Garnet Sponsor for CoRE Learning Foundation, Sandvik is playing a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of talents for the resources industry.

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