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Corporate Affairs Australia Joins CoRE as Sky Sponsor

CoRE partners with Corporate Affairs Australia

Corporate Affairs Australia (CAA), a renowned corporate affairs agency, has joined hands with CoRE as a Sky Sponsor to support its mission of enhancing STEM learning for students across the country. The partnership between CAA and CoRE signifies a significant investment in the future workforce of the industry. As part of the partnership, CAA will help CoRE develop a corporate affairs strategy, and build its strong relationships across government and industry.

Bolstering STEM Education and Industry Workforce

CAA recognises the critical role that STEM education plays in fostering a skilled and knowledgeable workforce for the Resource Sector. By supporting CoRE's initiatives, including the CoRE Learning Model and Gamifying Earth Science, CAA aims to contribute to the development of a talent pipeline equipped with the necessary skills and enthusiasm to thrive in the industry.

Commitment to Resource-Focused Insight and Outcomes

Simon Corrigan, founder and partner at Corporate Affairs Australia, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, "Teaming up with CoRE feels like a natural partnership because it is an investment in the future of our sector." CAA brings a wealth of insight, experience, and outcomes to the table, aligning perfectly with CoRE's mission to empower students and prepare them for successful careers in the Resource Sector.

Strengthening Industry and Community

"Tim and I are proud to have worked with the Australian resource sector for more than 50 years between us. CoRE’s mission to increase STEM engagement, motivation & enrolment for school students is critical for a successful industry – and many of the companies we work with."

CAA's expertise in community relations, government relations, and strategic communications complements CoRE's efforts to bridge the gap between industry and education. By facilitating meaningful engagement between resource companies and schools, CoRE and CAA aim to foster mutually beneficial relationships that support educational initiatives while addressing the workforce needs of the industry.

"We look forward to working with CoRE to deliver the resource-focused insight, experience, and outcomes we bring to all our clients."

The partnership between Corporate Affairs Australia and CoRE underscores a shared commitment to driving positive change in STEM education and industry workforce development. Through collaboration and innovation, both organisations seek to empower students, inspire future industry leaders, and ensure the continued success of the Australian Resource Sector.

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