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Denver Gold Group Partners with CoRE to Promote Mining Careers

CoRE partners with Denver Gold Group (DGG).

CoRE is thrilled to announce its partnership with Denver Gold Group (DGG), marking a significant step in their ongoing commitment to advocating for the social value of mining and fostering interest in careers within the mineral extraction and processing sectors, particularly among youth.

Advancing Mining Education

Tim Wood, Executive Director of Denver Gold Group, highlighted how CoRE's educational initiative shows the importance of interconnectedness between mining activities and the communities involved in the extraction and utilisation of minerals. Wood expressed admiration for CoRE's innovative learning approach, which generates enthusiasm for careers across the mining value chain and addresses the industry's pressing challenges related to labour and skills shortages.

"CoRE is an exemplary education initiative that articulates the interdependence between mining and the communities that provide the minerals as well as those that consume and recycle them"
"It is a fascinating learning model that stimulates interest in careers throughout the mining value chain and helps address the labor and skills shortages affecting the industry."

Supporting Precious Metal Investments

DGG, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, is a nonprofit trade association renowned for representing the majority of the world's publicly traded precious metals mined production and reported reserves such as Bellevue Gold, AngloGold Ashanti, and De Grey Mining. With a 35-year track record spanning various investment cycles, DGG is dedicated to facilitating direct engagement between investors and precious metal producers, developers, and explorers.

Promoting Responsible Mining Practices

The partnership between DGG and CoRE signifies a mutual commitment to promoting careers in the mining industry and fostering a deeper understanding of the sector's significance in global economic and social contexts. By collaborating with CoRE, DGG aims to amplify the message of responsible and sustainable mining practices while advocating for the wealth-preserving attributes of precious metal investments.

Investing in Mining Education

Through its partnership with CoRE, DGG seeks to contribute to the development of a skilled and knowledgeable workforce that will drive innovation and sustainability within the mining sector for years to come.

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