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Gold Fields Partners with CoRE to Empower STEM Education in the Goldfields

Gold Fields Partners


In August 2023, CoRE welcomed Geoscientist Leah Lynham from Kambalda, who shared her invaluable expertise with Year 8 students from Joseph Banks Secondary College. The session, held at the Kambalda Recreation Centre, looked at the region's geological wonders, focusing on paleochannels and fossils, followed by a trip to the Mt Hunt Pillow Basalts south of Kalgoorlie.


Gold Fields' involvement in CoRE goes back to 2019 when they generously supported the CoRE Lisa Harvey Smith Goldfields Tour. In 2023, Gold Fields joins us as a Sky Sponsor, reaffirming their commitment to advancing STEM education in the Kalgoorlie-Kambalda area. Their support will significantly contribute to expanding the CoRE Learning Model's implementation and fostering innovation and knowledge among local students.


Karen Bradshaw, Goldfields - Vice President of People and Engagement, highlighted the company's dedication to cultivating a diverse and passionate workforce in the Goldfields.

"Gold Fields is determined to continue to build up and support students in the Goldfields who have an interest in STEM subjects. We want to ensure the local workforce of tomorrow is diverse and passionate and has career options to remain close to home."


The partnership between Gold Fields and CoRE reflects a shared vision for community growth and prosperity through education. Together, they are sowing the seeds of innovation, preparing future leaders to navigate the complexities of the modern world. Gold Fields' also has existing initiatives, including bursaries for girls studying STEM through their Future’s Program and scholarships for Aboriginal students pursuing higher education or trade pathways.


As Gold Fields and CoRE embark on this collaborative journey, the Goldfields region stands poised to become a beacon of STEM excellence, nurturing talent, and future leaders in STEM fields.

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