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Mars Buttfield-Addison Receives STEM Communicator of the Year Award

Mars wins STEM Communicator of the Year Award.

The CoRE Learning Foundation proudly announces the recognition of Mars Buttfield-Addison as The Tasmanian STEM Communicator of the Year. This esteemed award honours Mars for her outstanding contributions to STEM engagement and outreach.

In collaboration with Suzy Urbaniak, CoRE's Lead Educator, Mars helped develop CoRE's unique Minecraft Game, "Resource Rescue and Respond" (RRR). The project, initiated in 2021, aimed to create an immersive and educational gaming experience aligned with the Australian Science Curriculum set by ACARA.

"Resource Rescue and Respond" game screenshot.

Educational Impact

RRR stands out as an innovative STEM game tailored for primary and secondary students. Focused on fostering classroom teamwork and integrating STEAM knowledge and skills, that teaches students about careers within the mining and how to mitigate risk from natural disasters. Essentially they are learning to solve real-world problems through this immersive learning game.

The comprehensive attention to detail and Mars' ability to transform conceptual ideas into a modern-day digital learning tool make RRR a valuable asset for schools nationwide.

Schools across Australia that have embraced CoRE's RRR program and commend its effectiveness in delivering educational content. The game not only aligns with ACARA standards but also receives high praise for its immersive learning experience and the depth of knowledge it imparts.

Thank you Mars

The CoRE Learning Foundation extends gratitude to Mars Buttfield-Addison for her exceptional commitment to advancing STEM education.

Mars' achievement as The Tasmanian STEM Communicator of the Year celebrates not only her individual excellence but also the collective success of CoRE's innovative approach to STEM education. The CoRE team looks forward to further groundbreaking initiatives that inspire and engage students across Australia.

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