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Suzy Urbaniak: 2024 Finalist Women In Resources Awards

We are proud to announce Suzy Urbaniak, CoRE's Lead, is a finalist in the 2024 Women In Resources Awards by the Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia (CME). Suzy's recognition showcases CoRE's commitment to empowering teachers and transforming education through the innovative CoRE Learning Model and Gamifying Earth Sciences Initiative.

Finalists for Women in Resources Awards 2024.

For the past five years, CoRE has been a pioneer in STEM learning, connecting education, community, and industry seamlessly. The partnerships with industry leaders such as BHP, Chevron, Gascoyne Technology & Innovation Cluster, Newmont, IGO, Ramelius Resources, Australian Geoscience Council, Gascoyne Development Commission, The Resources Hub, Sandvik, CSIRO and others have been crucial in preparing students for the dynamic workforce.

Suzy's nomination for the Technological Innovation Award underscores her exceptional dedication to advancing STEM education. As an architect of the CoRE Learning Model, she has significantly expanded our innovative Project-Based Learning program and led students on numerous transformative field trips. Suzy's visionary contributions have also extended to pioneering the groundbreaking Gamified Earth Sciences project.

The Gamified Earth Sciences project stands as a cutting-edge initiative designed to make STEM education captivating and accessible. This innovative approach employs gamification principles to enhance engagement and understanding, providing students from years 3 to 12 with a dynamic and immersive learning experience. Through interactive challenges and scenarios within the gamified environment, students not only learn about Earth Sciences but also develop critical STEM skills in a fun and engaging manner.

From engaging PBLs that immerse students in real-world problem-solving scenarios to captivating field trips that seamlessly bridge classroom concepts with practical experiences, Suzy's multifaceted contributions have profoundly enriched the CoRE learning journey. The success of the CoRE Learning Model lies in its holistic approach, ensuring students not only comprehend theoretical concepts but also apply them in tangible situations, fostering a well-rounded STEM education experience.

Our newest sponsor and collaborator with CoRE has shared their thoughts which align seamlessly with the collective vision shared by all our sponsors. Dr. Sandra Occhipinti, Discovery Research Program Director at CSIRO, expressed pride in supporting CoRE and its impactful work in STEM education, highlighting Suzy's instrumental role in shaping the next generation of Earth scientists.

This recognition underscores the shared values of CoRE and our sponsors, focusing on education, diversity, and the future of the resource industry. Together, we aim to drive meaningful change in STEM education, fostering a positive impact on students and industries alike.

As we celebrate Suzy Urbaniak's achievement, we invite you to join us on this transformative journey, bridging the gap between education and industry. Follow us for updates on Suzy's journey at the 2024 Women In Resources Awards and witness the positive influence of CoRE's innovative approach to STEM education.

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